Frequently Asked Questions
The EZ Roller-Spinner is rated to support 2200 lbs. per hub or 4400 lbs. per axle, however testing at a major US wheel testing firm, the wheel did not fail until a static load of 4000 lbs. was placed on each wheel.
Maximum speed allowed is 5 MPH and must be properly installed on the wheel hub.
The EZ Roller and EZ Roller Spinner outperform a steel universal wheel because our wheel and tire are molded together as one piece, making it ultimately impossible to separate the tire from the wheel. Other steel universal wheels have a separate tire that's glued on. When over stressed, the tire can literally separate and come apart. Also, the EZ Roller-Spinner is 40% less than the weight of a steel wheel so it's much easier to handle when loading onto a hub . Our EZ Roller-Spinner wheel is literally indestructible when used properly and will outlive a steel wheel.
Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE) are a class of copolymers that consists of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE materials show advantages typically of both rubbery and plastic materials. In short, our tire has enough rubber in it to offer superior traction and has the strength characteristics of our injection molded plastic wheel.
The EZ Roller can be ordered as a standalone product. As a standalone product the spinner ring is not installed. If you do not foresee having to move a car locked in park or that lost power, ordering the EZ Roller will meet your needs.
Yes, many customers tell us they love the 2-1 product because they will only occasionally use the universal wheel as a Spinner. The was created product for those applications. Higher volume shops may order the EZ Roller-Spinner and take the bolts out, store them, so the wheel is always available for use as a Spinner only.
RWD and FWD cars generally require two on either the front or back axles. On some brands of vehicles, only 1 EZ Roller-Spinner is required. Examples are a Mercedes AWD or BMW AWD, as the engineering was set up to unlock the brakes on all four axles. Other car brands may require two on the rear axles of their AWD vehicle. We recommend checking with the service department of the specific vehicle to determine how the axles will unlock, so the car can be moved safely.
Both wheels were manufactured to clear all brake calibers, including oversized Brembo brake calibers. Our fastening system is 60-degree cone seat and in most cases the vehicles OEM nuts and bolts work can securely fasten our universal wheel to the vehicle's wheel hub. There are a few exceptions when a shorter bolt must be used to avoid damaging the vehicles hub. This is due to the difference of the offset of the alloy wheel.
Lug nuts or lug bolts should be torqued to 50 lbs. The 10mm steel center prevents over torquing; therefore, no washers are required.
Insurance companies often reimburse a shop or dealership when they use the vehicles' spare, as time is involved to retrieve it and install it. We recommend discussing this with the various insurance companies to understand their policies and when they are flexible and will compensate for the time involved. Towing companies when dealing with private customers, often charge more when they mount the EZ Roller or EZ Roller-Spinner, as they prevent damage by dragging the vehicle up onto the flatbed.
One needs to assess if the vehicle has enough space to accommodate this type of jack, many sports cars have very little space, therefore need a different type of jack.
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