How does a distributorship work?

1. What is a distributorship?

The EZ Roller & Roller Spinner product line in the US and Canada is sold through a distributor network that services specific market segments. For instance, the collision trade is serviced by distributors that sell paint and related commodities and often equipment to the shops. The towing trade is generally serviced by distributors that sell towing supplies and equipment to that market segment. Auto dealers if they have a collision shop will be serviced by the distribution company that services collision shops but if an auto dealer doesn't have a shop we must use other alternatives to reach that class of auto dealer. Often wheel remanufactures that operate pick up and delivery services are appointed distributors.because they operate a pick up and delivery service for all dealerships.

If your company is interested in distributing our line we can explore the opportunity and make sure the distributorship offered has a clear path to the specific market channels that we cater. Occasionally there may be overlaps but our strategy is to limit the number of distributors in the market to give all distributors the best chance for success. EZ-Universal Wheel is now seeking select distributors for all the market channels. We do not sell direct unless there isn't a distributor in a market we have an inquiry about. Our resale prices on our web site are higher than the suggested MSR that our distributors advertise to their customer base.

2. International Distribution

EZ Universal Wheel services all countries in North and South America as well as the Caribbean. We are interested in securing Master Distributor relationships in all countries outside of the US. It is possible, as an example, to select an exclusive Master Distributor in Brazil to service all market segments our products can be sold.

3. Manufacturers Rep Organization

EZ Universal Wheel utilize Manufacturer Rep's organizations that service the collision and related automotive service market segments to recruit new warehouse Distributors. These MR's provide the “initial” in the field training and subsequent follow up with Distributor's Reps to ensure the product line flourishes and the Distributor Sales Reps remain engaged and properly trained in the mobility product solutions. The MR organization will earn competitive and attractive commissions on all purchases a Distributor they recruited sells.

EZ also has direct Distributors that are not represented by Manufacturer Reps, in which we provide support and training for directly.

The Process

1) Becoming a Distributor

If interested in distributing our product line its important to us that a Distributor has outside and inside sales representatives tha can be trained and become knowledgeable about the product line. We limit distribution in any given territory, so a Distributor will not be competing against another in a geographical area.

2) Inventory

Our distributors generally carry inventory to service their local customers. Once a credit line is established an order is created and shipped within 48 hours from one of the company's distribution centers.

3) Launch

Its important to launch the line by first conducting a sales meeting via Zoom to receive the key information on the product line and the various critical details that must be shared with customers/prospects on the proper use of the EZ Roller Spinner Product line. Its also possible to plan a sales meeting that the company or a manufactures rep group conduct in person.

4) Field work

A company rep or its manufacturer rep territory manager will conduct field sales training to train the new Distributor's reps how to efficiently educate and promote the product line to their customers. The reps role is to teach the Distributor's reps the required technical details to understand how the products work and some of the variables they will encounter when promoting the product line to the various accounts they service.

5) Ongoing training and Marketing Support

The company has well designed promotional materials, as well as video, that can be shared with the Distributor and their Marketing department. Most distributors have on-line purchases available to their customer base from their web site and our team can offer programing support and provide graphic design and artwork. Our team wants to collaborate with our distributors the most effective campaign, both for a field sales force and its on- line sales effort. It's also important that the company and its Reps create a plan with management to update the sales and operation team, as new products or enhanced use cases are discovered. We request a list of email addresses of the sales and operational team that will need to be updated when we roll out new products or discover important technical details that should be shared. Our goal is to build our brand, as a well-regarded and stable product line that provides mobility solutions for our Distributor's customer base.

6) National Account (MSO's)

The company and its rep organization are routinely soliciting both regional and national multi service operators in all automotive sectors, as well as many of the OEMs. Special pricing and service plans that promote our Distributors servicing the local markets are the focus. We have learned the best way to promote the product line is with our local representatives showing the shops management the features and benefits of the product line in person.

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