Limited Warranty for EZ Roller & EZ Roller-Spinner

       1) Limited Warranty Policy

This limited warranty policy is applicable to thermoplastic wheels manufactured for and distributed by EZ Spare Wheel, LLC, bearing the brand name EZ Roller & EZ Roller-Spinner. Subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, EZ Spare Wheel, LLC hereby warrants and certifies that the thermoplastic wheels supplied to its customers (BUYERS) are warrantied against failure to complete their satisfactory life as a result of any inherent deficiency relating to the workmanship or material.

      2) Duration of Warranty and Conditions

    1. The warranty period for the EZ Roller product is limited to a maximum of two years (24 months) from the date of purchase.
    2. The warranty period for the EZ Roller-Spinner Ring is limited to a maximum of 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase

      3) What is not warrantied

  1.  EZ Roller
    • Damage created as a result of improper installation
    • Damage created as a result of not having all 10 bolts properly seated into the steel center flange
    • Damage created as a result of driving more than 5 mph
    • Damage created due to driving on public roadways
    • Damage created from leaving the wheel in a heated paint booth that the temperature exceeds 120 degrees F.
    • Damage associated with improper storage (example leaving it on the floor and a vehicle runs it over)
    • Damage created from using nuts or bolts that do not fit when fastening the wheel to the wheel hub. Also, every lug hole must be used and secured during installation.
    • Damage created by over torquing (50 lbs. maximum)
    • Accidents, corrosion, vandalism, fire, theft, or damages caused by nature
    • Additional monetary loss, such as damage to the vehicle
    • Stored in areas or used in areas that exceed 120 degrees F or -20-degree F
  2. EZ Roller-Spinner
    • If the user attempts to use the wheel as a Roller when all the bolts are out and attempt to drive on it which will cause excessive wear on the interior area of the thermoplastic wheel that spins against the steel center
    • Repeated use without lubrication
    • If the user reinstalls the spinner ring improperly and does not secure it with Loctite.

     4) To make a claim under this limited warranty

    • Call the business the wheel was purchased from and describe the damage and submit a warranty claim. The company will open a warranty claim with EZ Spare, an emailed photo of the damaged wheel or Ring will be required to initiate a warranty claim. Email photo to with a copy of the invoice. You will be contacted by EZ Customer Service personnel within 24 hours to discuss the warranty claim.

     5)  Owners Obligation

    • User must properly install the EZ Roller & EZ Roller-Spinner and ensure all the lug holes are bolted onto the wheel hub, no matter what the bolt pattern size is. User must ensure when using the vehicles original nuts and bolts that they are properly secured and torqued to 50 lbs. If after-market nuts or bolts are utilized, user must ensure that the fitment is secure.
    • User must not install on any vehicle that exceeds the 2200 lb. weight or load capacity per axle. Should the EZ Roller or EZ Roller- Spinner be used on all 4 axles the weight of the vehicle shall not exceed 8800 lbs.
    • Read and follow the installation manual in the box the product was shipped in.

     6)  Maintenance Guide

    • Store in areas that do not exceed 120-degree Fahrenheit or -20 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Keep wheel, tire and steel center clean
    • Keep the EZ Roller-Spinner lubricated before each use