Installation Instructions for EZ Roller & EZ Roller Spinner

For EZ Roller

WARNING: Exceeding the maximum load rating, driving above the permitted use of 5 mph and incorrect mounting, and could lead to the intended use of the EZ Roller-Spinner failing and may result in serious damage or injury.

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Remove existing wheel bolts or nuts
Safely lift the vehicle on the assigned jacking points, these points can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual by using the vehicle jack or lift. Remove the OEM bolts or nuts, and then remove the wheel off of the vehicle.

Align the EZ Roller steel center to the vehicle hub
Align the EZ Roller steel center to the vehicle hub. Make sure the correct bolt pattern aligns to the vehicle’s bolt pattern configuration.

Placing the bolts or nuts
Using OEM or aftermarket cone seated bolts or nuts, fasten the EZ Roller steel center onto the vehicle hub. The cone seated bolts or nuts prevents damage to the EZ Roller and allows the wheel to be torqued safely. Please note wheel bolts or nuts will vary from manufacturer, always check if the length of the bolts are correct.

Bolts tightening
Once the EZ Roller steel center is in the correct position and flush to the hub, then you can torque the bolts or nuts to 65N/m | 48ft/lb. as torque setting. When the EZ Roller is securely fastened using the correct torque settings, check the EZ Roller steel center is flush against the vehicle hub and rotate by hand to ensure it moves freely and without any play in the movement. This will allow lowering the vehicle to the ground safely. Do not over tighten the wheel bolts or nuts.

How to Transform the Roller into a Spinner

For EZ Roller-Spinner

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ez roller spinner installation